The 2nd deepest cave/speleo of our country was discovered in Chania, Crete

The French-Greek cave/speleological expedition was successfully completed on Sunday, August 11, 2008 on Lefka Ori (region of Atzinolakas of Melidoni in the Fre Municipality)

The expedition started on July 20 with the participation of 13 French and 10 Greek speleologists. Its goal was to continue the exploration of the speleo varathro called "Hole of the Lion" or just "Lion".

This speleo was discovered 15 years ago by the French club Catamaran. On the one hand it had an important speleological/explorative interest; on the other hand it was an extremely difficult expedition especially because of its depth.

This year's success is owed to the fact that the 23 members of the team were able to overcome all the difficulties they faced and reach a depth of -1110m (and 2850m length). This way they doubled the length, as well as the depth, of the speleo this year.

As a result this speleo is considered now the 2nd deepest one in the country and the 60th in the world classification.

It is important to mention that although there exist hundreds of thousands of spelea in the world, only 84 of them-including the "Lion"- are deeper than -1000m.

There has been a great speleological activity since the 80s in this area.( We have speleo expeditions especially French ones almost every year)