Samaria Run 2018 Sponsors

Athletes are obliged to respect fully the rules described below. They are also obliged to obey the instructions of the judges of the race. Penalties will incur in case of failure to comply with regulations or instructions. The judges of the race when they see violations of the regulations, the will record then and inform the offenders.

Any other person authorized by the organization may also record any breach of the rules by the athletes and can submit it for review to the Race Committee.


All people over 18 years of age on the day of the race.


The organization announced that the 2018 will host 250 athletes (men and women). Once the above number is reached no other entries will be accepted. Entries will be accepted no later than May 02, 2018

When registering, you need to provide: Surname, name, date of birth, home address, phone number, email address, size T-shirt. The day of the race and three days before will not be accepted entries.


Fees: The fee is 15 euro. The price includes the right to participate in the race, all support and supply at the stations on the route, diploma - medal, t-shirt, transportation to and from Chania.

To complete the registration the entry fee should be paid as soon as possible into a bank account or paid at the offices of the EOS Chania.

Starting the race

The start of the race will be on Sunday, May 06, 2018 at the Omalos plateau at “Maxi” area at 8:30. A time limit to finish the race is set at 5 hours.

Supporting athletes in the race

The athletes do not have to carry any specific equipment. Throughout the course there will be 6 support stations located every 3 km. In all stations there will be judges. During the course there are also natural water sources.

Registration number

The registration number of the participants will be provided at the offices of the EOS Chania right after registration, the day before the race, Saturday, May 05, 2017, from 12:00 to 17:00

Each athlete is required to have its registration number on the front of his uniform (t-shirt) in a visible place.

The number should be kept throughout the race visible.


Any external help or artificial help is forbidden, as well as the use of any mechanic equipment. You may use buttons, map, compass, GPS, mobile phone.


The Organizing Committee will be responsible for the safety of the athletes and the race with trained staff on rescue and medical assistance. In the case where security personnel and judges request athletes to change direction for safety reasons, athletes are obliged to obey. Refusal to comply, means exclusion from the race.


The rejection of objects along the route is strictly prohibited. Each supply station will have a special plastic bag for waste. All athletes are required to throw their waste into the bag. Disposal of packaging materials or other non-organic waste at any point on the route other than the predetermined is punishable with exclusion.

Security for the athletes:

All athletes participating in the race at their own risk and liability insurance is to be borne by themselves.


The Commission is not liable for death, injury or harm of any of the contestants, and by submitting the application form, they declare that they know the dangers of the mountain environment and assure that their health is good and enables them to compete, as well as that they have recently been examined by a doctor for that matter. There will not be required by any athlete to produce a medical certificate, however, it is expected by the athletes themselves to undertake regular medical screening to verify their health status.

The Commission reserves the right to exclude an athlete and not allow him to finish the race, when during the race an authorized physician has advised to do so. The Commission also waives any responsibility for the physical integrity of the athletes, who should behave responsibly in areas of the route, where the risk of falling with fatal consequences is increased.

Modification of the route:

If necessary (eg dangerous weather conditions), the Organizers reserve the right to modify the route so as not to endanger the safety of athletes.

Souvenirs - Trophies:

All participants will receive commemorative medals, diplomas and gifts (t-shirt). The winners ceremony will be held the end of the race at Xiloskalo on race day, Sunday, May 06, 2018, at 13:00.